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Burn Injuries

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Burn Injuries

Burns are extremely painful and take a very long time to heal. Most doctors consider severe burns to be the most painful category of injury. Victims with severe injuries from burns often require a series of surgeries and skin grafts to replace tissue damaged by burns. Burns severely affect the victims' quality of life, and can require long-term, costly medical care. Some burns will need dozens of surgeries to conduct skin grafts, prevent joint contractures, and treat infections.

Burns affect millions of Americans every year, often due to occupational hazards, negligence, or product malfunctions. Burns originating in the fault or negligence of another may result in large settlements to offset treatment of burns, replace lost wages, and compensate for decline in quality of life and emotional/psychological damages.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury or death as a result of burns originating in the fault or negligence of another, The Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz can help answer your questions and determine the best course of action for your specific situation.

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