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We are a personal injury law firm in Chico, CA. With over 40 years in practice as a Chico personal injury attorney, Lawrence A. Puritz has helped thousands of clients in securing favorable resolution to their personal injury claims.

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  Chico Personal Injury Attorneys  Lawrence A. Puritz and Sean Puritz 

Chico Personal Injury Attorneys Lawrence A. Puritz and Sean Puritz 

At the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz, we understand that finding the right personal injury attorney to represent your interests is detrimental to the success of your accident injury claim. Whether you retain the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz or go with a different law firm, make sure that the personal injury attorney you hire is willing to take the time to fully understand your case.  

A personal injury attorney should make themselves  (or their staff) available to you and answer any questions that you may have.  This should extend through the settlement of your injury claim with the insurance company and, in some cases,  past any judgment or settlement reached in litigation. If your attorney cannot take the time to keep you informed or alleviate any confusion or stress that you may be experiencing, there's a chance that they will act similarly in regards to your injury claim. Most importantly, be certain that your attorney possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to successfully navigate your case through the personal injury claims process.

With over 40 years in practice, thousands of cases won and tens of millions in damages recovered, the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz is the right law firm to represent you for your personal injury claim or lawsuit. We put our clients first and always stand behind our work.

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Chico Personal Injury Attorney, Lawrence A. Puritz

The Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz Difference

What Sets Us Apart?

The answer is simple, experience and a complete understanding of the personal injury claims and litigation process on both sides of the docket.  While Lawrence A. Puritz has been exclusively representing plaintiffs in their personal injury claims for over 20 years, this was not always the case.

Mr. Puritz began his career representing large insurance companies working as a personal injury defense attorney. As time went on, Mr. Puritz began to question the methodology and position that insurance companies applied when presented with legitimate personal injury claims.  He found that the strategy being applied to nearly all accident injury claims was adversarial- even when the facts of an accident determined that the actions of their policy holder had caused great bodily (or emotional) injury upon a claimant.

That realization, accompanied by a growing compassion for victims of personal injury accidents, motivated Mr. Puritz to stop practicing law as an insurance defense attorney and open his own law firm. Rather than defending insurance companies, however, his firm would represent accident injury victims to recover the compensation they deserve. In 1998, the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz a plaintiffs personal injury law firm was established in Chico, CA.  

Since 1998, the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz has handled thousands of cases and recovered tens of millions in damages for our clients. Mr. Puritz's experience and in depth understanding of the personal injury claims process, accompanied by the knowledge and experience of our associate attorneys and staff, make the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz your best choice when selecting a Chico personal injury attorney. 

Supporting Our Clients

Chico Personal Injury Law Firm, The Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz

The staff at the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz has over 20 years of experience in the legal field and is ready to assist clients throughout their case. We understand that the personal injury process is unfamiliar territory to most.  We also know that the circumstance that's led a someone to our office is most likely one that  has already caused a substantial detriment their life.

With that in mind, the staff at the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz strives to treat our clients with a level of respect and dignity that exceeds the industry standard. While some law firms view their clients as case numbers (and treat them as such), we see our clients the individuals and do our best to remain empathetic to each clients unique circumstance.

When you become a client at The Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz, you can count on being treated with respect and dignity. We won’t ignore your calls, neglect your case, and we won’t treat you like an inconvenience. We chose this line of work to be in the business of helping personal injury victims back on their feet- not to knock them down or to simply to profit from their ordeal. We are your advocates and we work on your behalf 100% of the time. 

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What Happens At A Free Personal Injury Consultation

When you schedule a free personal injury consultation with the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz, an experienced Chico personal injury attorney will personally meet with you to discuss and evaluate your case. 

Topics discussed generally include; parties involved in the accident, insurance information, accident data, a description of your injuries, summary of medical care and expenses, whether you require any future medical care, income loss (past, present, future), and any issues relating to liability that may exist.

With a better understanding of your case, our attorneys can better determine if hiring our firm would be beneficial.  If they believe that you can achieve the same results or financial reward by negotiating with the insurance company yourself- they'll tell you.  That said, if they believe that hiring our firm (or any other personal injury attorney) would be beneficial, they'll explain how we can help.

Trial Ready Personal Injury Attorneys

In the event that an adverse insurance company is unwilling to negotiate fair compensation for your personal injury claim, your attorney must be willing (and able) to take your case to trial. The accident injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz have over 40 years’ experience in both the negotiation of personal injury settlements outside of court and, when necessary, fighting for our clients right to compensation in a court of law.

At the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Puritz, we take pride in our preparedness and ability to protect a clients credibility in court by knowing, and having an answer to, any arguments an opposing attorney may attempt to discredit a clients character or the validity of their claim.

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